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Travel Stories from India

sharing experiences and information not commonly known

India Travels
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Traveling in India? Just got back? Share your experience!
Do you have unique stories and anecdotes to share from your travels in India?

It is not possible to travel through India and not be surprised - and even shocked sometimes - all through. In fact, there is something new waiting to be discovered and felt even when you go back to the same place again and again.

What has been your experience?

The India Travels Community on Live Journal has been created for you to share your stories and anecdotes from India. And we are looking for something unique, something known to only a few - or just you. Even if it is from a popular place like the Taj Mahal - tell us something we are going to be amazed to listen to.

You could cover places (especially those off the beaten track), people, customs, habits, food, social behaviours, culture, food, myths, beliefs, religion and more.

A chance to get famous
All content going up on India Travels will be considered by Kunzum (www.kunzum.com) for publishing in books on India with full credit, giving you an opportunity to get recognition and add to your portfolio. However, it will be used only if you give permission to do so.

And a contest awaits too
We will shortly be announcing a contest to pick out the best of India Travel writing, giving you a further chance to earn rewards for your efforts. Watch this space.

What are you waiting for? We know we are waiting for your stories.


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