Giovanna (genissimo) wrote in india_travels,

I'm hoping to travel to India as soon as next year, with my husband. We're young and poor and interested in a wide variety of things. I was wondering if any of you seasoned travelers could point me in the direction where I could find these things?:

1) I'm very interested in the wildlife of India. I saw one recommendation for Bandhavgarh National Park, any others? I love hiking and camping and would love to try to do so, if there is somewhere safe.

2) My husband is interested in ancient Indian philosophy and religion. For aesthetic reasons, we would love to visit some retreat sites/temples/monasteries/etc. A couple museum recommendations are welcome as well.

3) we're both really into yoga and were looking for an opportunity to practice with locals.

4) we hate touristy things!! we'd love to stay in hostels or other cheap places, in smaller cities/villages or the countryside, where we can be around the Indian people and experience their culture. What are some recommendations for peaceful, long-term stays?

5) how does one travel around india? train? rent a car? what is the cheapest way to do it? (cost estimates?)

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