Katranna (katranna) wrote in india_travels,

It was certainly memorable

I've gone to India once, for a two-week trip to New Delhi, Mumbai, and various locales in between, and I have to say it was the most upsetting and emotionally exhausting vacation of my life. There were numerous days where I'd just be angry at all the tourists (including my own entourage) to the point of tears, and I was continually frustrated at the police and hotel guards, tour guides, etc, who always tried their best to make sure we were not "bothered" by beggars, and ideally saw them as little as possible. I'm posting here I guess because I never was able to post a coherent recap of the trip on my own journal, and I'm pretty curious if anyone else has had a similar experience.

(Not to say there weren't plenty of beautiful and interesting things and experiences, of course there were. But overall it was pretty crushing.)

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