forget you ever knew me (kanah) wrote in india_travels,
forget you ever knew me

hi guys. so i just saw this community featured on livejournal's homepage, and i took it as a for sure sign, that my trip to india is for sure going to happen. i don't know when, or with who's money (haha) but it is most definitely going to happen!!

my daughter is 2, and i want to go before it is time for her to start school when she is 5. right now my life is consumed by taking care of my family, community activism (food not bombs, etc.), and teaching kids yoga. i've wanted to travel to india for many years now to study yoga. more recently, i've wanted to travel there also to study ayurveda and indian cuisine.

i'm considering of trying to find a host family to stay with, as opposed to staying in a hotel. does anyone know where i could look for this kind of information?

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