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I have been to India twice so far and I have become completely obsessed.
The first year I went we stayed in India for almost almost three weeks.
The second year I went we stayed for two weeks.
We stayed at St. Marks Hotel in Bangalore, India.
St. Marks is a wonderful place to stay.
It is a four star hotel and has great food and service!
I traveled to Agra, Mumbai (Bombay), Ooty, and New Dehli along with places in between.
The Taj Mahal is a must see!
It is so beautiful.
My pictures and videos got stolen in Germany from the first year I went there so if anyone has Taj Mahal pictures I would love to see them!
If you love monkeys than you must go see the great Banyan Tree (sp?)
Just be careful with your stuff and make sure to hold onto it tight!
The monkeys will still it!
That goes for anywhere in India.. The monkeys are everywhere!
The Mysore Palace is also a must see.
It is absolutley amazing.
Ooty is also a place you must visit... don't make the mistake I did though... take warm clothes!
It actually snowed there when I went... it is way up in the mountains and it is soooo cold!
It is very beautiful though.
And if you are a photographer than you will love Ooty!

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