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Hi all,

I spend 3 months living and working Rajakaad, Kerela in the summer of 2006.  Rajadakaad is a small village about an 1 hour outside of Munnar, only accessable by bus, as it's all up in the mountains.  This area is the tea plantation region and is stunningly bueatiful.  I'll post pictures some day.

Anyway, I spend a little time travelening throughout Southern India, but need to go back to do Northern India.  It's too large of a country to do properly.  If you have questions I've spend a lot of time in Enarkalum/Kochi, Munnar, and Varkala (our get away and rest spot) and a lot time on the trains and buses.  I've also been to: Bangalore, Chennie, briefly Mumbai,  Mallapuram, Pondicherry, Tranvajore, Trichy,  Maduri, and Kovalam.

I kept a blog at the time, which you mind find interesting if you'll be doing extensive travel in Southern India, or are interested in the rights of tea plantation workers.

Excited to be here and live the trip again through you all!

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