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Matheran - a quaint hill station 3hrs from Mumbai

 As an avid traveler, I have experienced towns and cities beyond what holiday seekers usually look for. My passions is to explore lesser known and off beat destinations within India. One of the most breathtaking destinations that I have been to in recent times is Matheran, only 3 hours drive from Mumbai. 

Matheran hill station is one of the only few places in the world where vehicles are banned, which makes the place unique in India. Interestingly, Matheran was also the last British hill station. The colonial look is quite noticeable in the building structures and well maintained mansions.  

Dasturi naka, the base of Matheran is where I decided to walk the 4 km uphill stretch to my hotel, The Verandah in the Forest, a 19th century British mansion, now converted into a heritage hotel, perched right at the top of the hill. As you walk up the unpaved path through Matheran, the quaint and scenic beauty takes you back a hundred years in time when there were no cars, no electricity, no street vendors, just hand pulled rickshaws and ponies. On my way up, I realized that Matheran is one of the most captivating destinations I have been to and the one hour walk uphill seemed like a breeze. Of course there was a porter walking along side with my luggage. J  

With no contact with the outside world, my four days were spent relishing good food and wine, lounging in the verandah overlooking the valley, strolling along Charlotte lake and reading.    



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