Andrey Mikhaylov (kmaal) wrote in india_travels,
Andrey Mikhaylov

Nature Trip to South India in April-May 2009

I've just finished the report on my trip to South India in April-May 2009 and put together the links to my previous smaller posts.
We were three: boablanc, my 7 year old daughter Erika and I.
In two weeks, moving by bus, we visited places in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala states.

our first excursion was to Kokkre-Bellur, a village near Bangalore with a breeding colony of storks, egrets, cormorants and pelicans. Unfortunately I saw only one pelican, by lack of time to discovr the right place. The birds nest on the trees right over the houses, yards and cows.

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Then we moved to Srirangapatna to see the Ranganithittu Bird Sanctuary:

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