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This was when my class 10th board exams were over. My father planned for us all a visit to north-east India. Sikkim was finally chosen as our destination. Actually in class 10th I had a chapter in Hindi textbook, a travelogue by Mahadevi Verma. Her description of the scenic beauty of Sikkim influenced me the most.

We left for Sikkim at 8 o’clock in the morning from IGI airport. That was the first time I traveled through an aero plane. That was an amazing experience. The flight brought us to Baghdogra airport of west Bengal, in about 2 hours. We hired a taxi for the capital of Sikkim- Gangtok. We reached the beautiful city by 5 p.m.

I belong to Uttaranchal, but haven’t yet seen a city situated across the mountains, as beautiful as Gangtok. I must say that the Uttaranchal government must learn to build infrastructures as magnificently as the government of gangtok has built.

The next day we went to a travel agent and fixed our journey to the north of Sikkim. That was our best decision.


Actually at that time if you don’t have enough time left with you and/or find the journey unaffordable, an option is given to you to either visit north-Sikkim, or to visit some other particular places.

North Sikkim trip was of 3 days.

Sikkim-Gangtok-North Sikkim- 1) Lachen 2) Lachung

(1) Lachen: we had the first day’s stay at Lachen. Our cottage was in a very scary locality and the dark night added to our fear.

But when a small bird woke all of us up with it’s tattering we were all spellbound by the beauty residing outside our window. The sun was visible from behind the Himalaya range, spreading some of the rainbow colors in the sky. That day we were taken to an altitude of 16000fts. in a hectic and backbone troubling 5 hours journey. It was to a lake called- Gurdongmar Lake. The exertion of the journey instantaneously washed away from our minds. Have a view at the snap of this lake. Believe me if you are visiting Sikkim you must go to visit this place and this would prove to be a lifetime experience for you. But the only limitation is that if you want to see the beauty of this lake at it’s fullest, it would be around May-June, and at that time you won’t be able to enjoy a proper snowfall.




(2) Lachung: a very beautiful place and the spirit of Sikkim is believed by me to be here only. Our cottage was in the vicinity of a river.




 Then we had a visit to a flower valley called- Yumthang valley. But at that time there were very few flowers left.

Then we planned to visit zero point, a place situated at the indo-china border.  

The next day, we returned to Gangtok. During the course of our return travel, we captured the snaps of thousands of waterfalls.

One waterfall was very huge and we were told by the driver that it is called Amitabh Bachchan fall.

When we reached Gangtok, we all said goodbyes to our group members and apologized to the driver, the fun of whom we made throughout the journey and he didn’t mind us doing the same as we had nothing else to do to spend time.

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