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Share your India travel experiences - and feature in a book

If you have travelled in India, you are sure to have some unique anecdotes, experiences and photographs to share with others. It is not possible to travel in this country and come back without any indelible impressions.

Would you like these to feature in a book? Kunzum, a publisher of travel books, in association with Live Journal invites you to submit your contributions for consideration in an anthology of travel bits on India. Not only can you be proud to be a part of an exciting project, but also have a shot at a portfolio to flaunt.

Read on if interested.

The Concept
Kunzum is proposing to publish a ‘Best of India Travels’ (actual branding to be disclosed later) series of anthologies to include features and photographs from multiple contributors. This is where you come in.

What can you submit
  • Text: You may submit anecdotes, experiences and reviews written in any style you feel will connect with readers including first person accounts. Word length is not a constraint.
  • Photographs: You can even submit high resolution photographs, either singly or as a part of a photo feature, with or without supporting text. But do mention the setting and context of the photographs submitted.
Your contribution can be about any part of India. Bring in elements of humour, excitement and the lesser known in your submissions. Make it for a compelling read. We don’t want to limit your imagination with any guidelines.

Who can contribute
Anyone, from anywhere in the world. Pros, amateurs, celebrities…all are welcome, quality of submission being the sole qualifying criteria.

  • All submissions will be accepted at the sole discretion of the editors. They are not obliged to offer any explanation for inclusion or exclusion of any entries.
  • The publishers reserve the right to edit or crop any material to be suitable for publishing. Entries from different authors may also be combined if required and joint credit given.
  • Every entry will be suitably credited to the author / photographer.
  • Timeline: Entries will be accepted till June 30, 2009 or whenever there is enough material to make for a book, whichever is earlier. The sooner you submit, the greater the chances of its inclusion. Submissions that are suitable for publishing but miss the cut will be considered for subsequent editions.
  • Posting on India Travels Community on Live Journal: It is suggested you post your submissions to http://community.livejournal.com/india_travels for others to read, comment and add value to your submissions.
  • Posting on Kunzum.com: The publishers reserve the right to publish any entries on www.kunzum.com for its readers to judge and comment as a part of the selection process. This does not impose any obligations upon the publishers to use the entries in the book, not does it restrict the authors / photographers to submit or post these elsewhere.
  • Remuneration: No financial remuneration or royalty would be possible for contributors. 
  • Copyright: Contributors must hold the copyright for publishing as mentioned here for all material submitted. It is a non-exclusive arrangement, and the material may have been published elsewhere in the past and may be in the future too.
How to Submit
Post your entries on the India Travels Community on Live Journal and send the link to mail@kunzum.com.

For more information and clarification, you may contact Ajay Jain at the email address above.
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