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When the dogs stop you from exploring Bikaner

Anyone who has spent time in India knows street dogs are everywhere. It may be the cows on streets that catch the fancy of those from outside India, but dogs are much more ubiquitous than the bovine species.

When I reached Bikaner two days back, I was advised against venturing on foot late at night as the dogs can turn ferocious, and bite people. Who said barking dogs don’t bite? In Bikaner, the dogs don’t seem to believe in this at least. No one said anything about early morning though.

I woke up early, around 5.30 am, to check out the city early morning. Bad luck. I could not go too far from my hotel seeing the number of dogs around. The first few I encountered seemed to be asleep – or could not care much about me. Safe so far. But then a pack decided to get a little more excited, and about half a dozen blocked my path while barking incessantly. I climbed on to slightly higher ground – someone’s porch actually – and waited till some local passers-by helped drive them away. Back to the hotel it was for me, would not take risks so early in my trip. And later too.

What did I do with my morning? I am posting this and other posts from my trip. Hope you are enjoying it.
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