January 18th, 2009

My trip to Rajasthan in January 2009

I have hit the road in Rajasthan on January 9, 2008 and expect to be driving around for a 3-week period.

The itinerary covers Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Mount Abu, Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Boondi, Pushkar as well as surrounding areas. This is the plan at least, and may be modified as I go along.

I will be posting my experiences, anecdotes and pictures whenever I can from the trip itself – and more when I am back.

Keep watching the space.

Test drive a Ferrari on the road to Bikaner in Rajasthan

If you are in India, and miss those highways where you can rev up those fancy cars of yours, head out to Bikaner.

It is one of those great drives where you can actually cover the Delhi – Bikaner distance of about 530 kilometers (330 miles) in seven hours which I did (plus an additional one hour coffee break). Except for certain stretches between Kotputli and Sikar, the roads are almost as good as any in the world. Not just your Ferraris, even your normal Honda or Suzuki sedans will feel like mean machines.

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When the dogs stop you from exploring Bikaner

Anyone who has spent time in India knows street dogs are everywhere. It may be the cows on streets that catch the fancy of those from outside India, but dogs are much more ubiquitous than the bovine species.

When I reached Bikaner two days back, I was advised against venturing on foot late at night as the dogs can turn ferocious, and bite people. Who said barking dogs don’t bite? In Bikaner, the dogs don’t seem to believe in this at least. No one said anything about early morning though.

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