October 27th, 2008

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I just found this group and I wanted to share my India trip with you all! Last July I traveled across India with a Girl Scout troop, we kept a blog http://seniortroopone.blogspot.com/, it documents our travels. It was an amazing trip. We had a rough start because our flight from Philadelphia to Heathrow was an hour late and so we missed our connecting flight but finally we made it to India, our luggage was somewhere else but we were there. I don't have enough time to write more right now but I wanted to say hello and share some pictures.

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A longtime dream hoping to come true.

Hi everyone :)

I've been wanting to go to India for years now, partially because I'm a huge fan of the different Indian cultures and such, but also because I am astounded by the geography and vast history and architecture that India has to offer.

But! I'm a 20-year-old college student, and to be honest, I don't even know where I'd begin. I lived in Japan briefly when I was 18, so I know what it's like being in a different country and such, but I did it through a program. My university doesn't offer any type of summer-abroad program, and I've heard of programs like EF College Break, but haven't found any like that for cities in India. Is it better just to buy the plane ticket seperate, and plan my own trip? I suppose it's am ore personal experience that way, but I'm just worried about being in the city and not knowing the language, etc. Thoughts?

Also, what's a recommended length to stay? I don't think I'd get particularly homesick, but I can imagine it being a lot to take in all in one stay.

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Hi all
Im new to this community so i wanted to say Hi

Im travelling India atm so if anyone has any questions either ping me a email or send me a friends request from my page

Happy travels