October 14th, 2008

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My second book, Peep Peep Don't Sleep, just came out and I am pleased to share this news with you.

It is a collection of funny road signs and ads I have been collecting on Indian highways over the past one year, with a bit of my own commentary thrown in. It is a high quality picture book, printed in all colour on 170 gsm art paper. It came off the press only two days back.

You can check it out for images and sample chapters at http://ajayjain.com/peep-peep-dont-sleep. Links to order the book can also be found here.

Happy to receive any orders for the same. :-) Do feel free to ping me at ajay@ajayjain.com or +91.99100 44476 for more info.
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First Trip to India

Hi everyone, I'm new to the group!
I'm going to India for the first time on October 31st!
I'm going to Kolkatta for a few days and then to Purulia. We're travelling to Purulia by train and flying via British Airways to Kolkatta.

I was just wondering the weather situation. I've got a bit of heat sensitivity, and I know India is prone to heat, haha.

We're going to be over there for about a week, November 2-8th. We'll also be going to Nepal, but that's for another community.

What should I pack? I'm backpacking mostly, and plan to have things washed. This is my first backpacking trip though. Is the humidity high? How high does it get on average?
What should I be prepared for on the train? I'm aware it will be crowded and maybe uncomfortable, but is there things I should watch out for?
Where should I exchange money? What would you recommend I take? Traveler's checks? I know the villagers may not take credit card, lol.
In Purlia we're working at the eye clinic there through rotary international.

Any other bits of information that you can provide for me would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey everyone, I'm new to this community and livejournal. I plan to travel to India after I graduate college, and any information or advice is strongly welcomed. Where are the most beautiful regions in India as far as landscape? Well, anyway, have a nice day.
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hey everyone. i spent two months in india this summer, specifically bangalore. i attended christ college working on my bachelors degree in sociology and loved every second of it. i traveled to nandhi hills, murudeshwara (thank you bianconeri!), chennai, mysore, and pondecherry. bangalore was one of the most amazing places i have ever seen. being raised in las vegas and attending school in the midwest, it was really refreshing to be back in the city.

i won't waste your time, but if you have any questions whatsoever about bangalore...ask away! i had a great time and figured out a lot of fun things to do [pubs, clubs, and food!].

- beth
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First Timer

Hi! I'm new to the group.

I'll be traveling to India for the very first time next month (for about two weeks). I'll be in New Delhi, with a small side trip to Agra. Anything special that needs to be shared? Words from the wise?