Jesse (ahollowvictory) wrote in india_travels,

A few tips?

Hello everyone. Myself and another female, both in our early 20's are heading to India this winter and I have a few questions.

I've been told that traveling without a male, especially at a younger age can be risky (I've been all over, and in some cases it is)... Is this true for India?

Money. I usually bring a few hundred in travelers checks but mainly use my debit card while traveling. We will mostly be traveling the north west and I was wondering if I will be able to get away with just using ATM machines to access my money. Or are there very few if any in India.

We both have bright dyed hair and quite a few piercings and tattoos... Nothing we can do about it, but she's curious if maybe a dye job is order before going.

Also, just any tips on getting around, food, places to go (in the north west-ish area) ... just general stuff... I'd very much appreciate it.
Oh, and current exchange rate on the Canadian dollar + average costs to avoid being ripped off.

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