Luna (silvermoon_luna) wrote in india_travels,

How to get there?

Hi again. I would like to correct something about my previous post, but in another one as it is one topic only.

I am Canadian but currently in California and I've been looking for flights to India by Air Canada and it is WAYYY to expensive (to say it basically, it would cost me all the remaining money I have in my pockets!).

So, I would like to know if anybody of you know a cheap airline, the best time to leave (I am not in a hurry, but not ready to wait all the year long to catch next summer...) and maybe which city to leave from and arrive in India. Unless, if it requires a transfer from one country and buy another plane ticket to reach India, I would not mind. The cheapest would be the best! I'm not in a hurry...

This would be of so much help to me! I thank you in advance as I hope my dream may come true and not compromised only by money...


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